AVK gate valves PREMIUM destined for Southern Italy

Year: 2024
Location: BARI – ITALY
Application: WATERWORKS

In Italy, as in other countries around the world, water distribution networks need to be renewed and rehabilitated to contain the various water leaks spread across the national network. Thanks to European and local funds, Italy is carrying out large infrastructure redevelopment projects aimed at strengthening and improving the efficiency of the national water system and dealing with the effects of the climate crisis, paying the right attention to conscious use of the water resource. The goal is to create a leak-free, and efficient system. Advanced and digitalized control systems will be introduced to allow optimal resource management. This will reduce waste, limit inefficiencies, and improve the quality of service to citizens.

In this context, Acciona Italia, company specializing in civil engineering, construction, and infrastructure, has won a tender, which includes the supply of AVK valves by AC.MO.
Specifically, the tender aims to rehabilitate the water networks of the Apulian Aqueduct (AQP) by carrying out targeted interventions to achieve district metering, pressure control, and monitoring within the region’s water networks, along with the replacement of old pipelines.

It’s worth to mention that, with 21.000 thousand kilometres of water networks and more than 8.000 kilometres of sewage networks, the Apulian Aqueduct (AQP) is the largest European water utility in terms of size, complexity and water networks managed.
Entirely controlled by the Puglia Region, the company serves the entire Apulian territory and 12 municipalities in Campania, for a total of over 4 million inhabitants.
However, these water and sewage networks suffer from significant leaks; therefore, the massive investments – mostly deriving from regional funds – will be directed at reducing water losses both directly, through the renewed geometry (replacing old sections), and indirectly, through pressure reduction and benefiting from districting.

The works to be carried out are divided into:
• Specific interventions: Construction of reinforced concrete manholes, of varying sizes, to house the hydraulic equipment.
• linear interventions: replacement of old and damaged water sections and creation of new sections necessary for district metering.

AC.MO has been supplying to Acciona both standard and Premium AVK gate valves. Thanks to the superior quality of the materials, these valves provide exceptional protection against wear and maximum corrosion resistance, ensuring outstanding durability. Designed to last 100 year, AVK premium gate valves are unique and indestructible, carrying a 25-year warranty. This provides an extremely reliable product that ensures long-term savings and unique performances, and both AQP and Acciona are extremely pleased with them

In the first 8 received orders, AC.MO supplied:

Series 02/60-0035
DN40 x 25.197 pcs
DN80 x 2.700 pcs
DN100 x 8.506 pcs
DN150 x 3.000 pcs

Series 02/52-010
DN250 x 329 pcs
DN300 x 258 pcs
DN350 x 39 pcs
DN400 x 57 pcs

The project is ongoing, and expected further orders (up to 2027) will be for a total quantities of 120.000 gate valves and relatives accessories.