About us

The Company is active since 1968 in its first production site in Roncade. Today the Company is a group highly distributed with five operation offices in Italy and over 10 international agencies.

The companies acquired since 1996 have strengthened the company’s vision by including remote control and data acquisition skills in order to integrate hydraulic equipment with SCADA systems, and qualifying the design department.

Our excellence is demonstrated by the strong market penetration, supported by a high manufacturing capacity and innovative design skills made available to all our technological and institutional partners.

The skills acquired have been followed by many complementary services provided in terms of assistance, training, customization and modernization.

Since 2018 AC.MO is part of the AVK group.


Company Profile


AC.MO S.r.l. designs and manufactures hydraulic equipment for water distribution, water transmission, irrigation and water treatment.

The Group is made up and has been strongly desired to support and develop all the technologies that combine to make efficient and safe systems for the management of the root element of our ecosystem: water.


The production is in full compliance with environmental standards and sustainability.

AC.MO S.r.l. relies on third-party partners for some manufacturing processes (castings, machining, coatings) Certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Manufacturing facilities

AC.MO has two manufacturing facilities in Italy, located in Roncade (TV) and in Empoli (FI). There is, also, a research development center for information technology located in Milan.

Design and manufacturing of valves for hydraulic applications.

Design and integration of SCADA systems for water projects.