S.I.S. (Smart Irrigation System)

After several years of research, investment and more than 70.000 successful installations in the last 6 years, an increasing number of water authorities are using our system, achieving brilliant results in terms of water and energy saving.

S.I.S. Smart Irrigation System is our ultimate monitoring system for the optimization of water resources and the planning of irrigation.

Integrating HYDROPASS and S.I.S. represents the real opportunity to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability of the irrigation process.

The SIS – HYDROPASS system can be coupled with the national databases with weather and soil data to forecast the most sustainable irrigation scheduling. This forecasted scheduling leads to immediate and clear improvement of the irrigation operations with consequent economic, management and environmental benefits.

HYDROPASS system is the result of AC.MO S.r.l. research and development in the management and control of irrigation water distribution. The hydrometer integrates, in a compact solution protected by a stainless steel case, the mechanical components suitable for metering and regulation with the ACMO innovative electronic components suitable for managing and control the input / output parameters. HYDROPASS is a stand-alone unit, independent from external power supply and equipped with solid communication interfaces.

A distributed communication system has been developed to fulfill the need of updated and instantaneous data from the irrigation system. The communication network allows to have all the information regarding the user outline and his water consumption with the capability to communicate with the hydrometer in emergency or failure situations.