Year: 2019
Location: Northumberland (UK)
Consultant: Kielder Water
Client: Kielder Water
Application: WATERWORKS

The Kielder Water plant is located on the largest artificial lake in the United Kingdom. The pumping station transfers the water from the close rivers to the lake, in order to “sustain” the total flowrate.
The plant was built in 1979, it pressurizes the water to 19 bar and manages a distribution branch at 10 bar.
This pressure reduction is achieved with an S872 needle valve controlled by the AVK Smart Water Pressure Management Device (PMD)
The PMD can control the various hydraulic parameters, it can be programmed by a touch screen interface, or remotely, via a TCP / IP Modbus communication protocol.
This installation represents only the first step of the complete digitalization of the distribution system.
The next step will be to connect the device to a network of SMART structures via an IoT network that will allow you to manage in real-time the entire water distribution network.