ACMO + AVK Válvulas promotion trip to Ecuador

To strengthen our South American market Álvaro Garcia Noblejas, AVK Válvulas export manager and Daniel Garrido, ACMO product manager recently visited Guayaquil, Ecuador.

The purpose of the visit was to present, among many, our new products, S.872 needle valves, S879 automatic control valves to our exclusive distributor in Ecuador, Ricsons, sited in Guayaquil. Ricsons has been promoting and selling AVK products since 2019.

In particular Álvaro introduced the AVK group and gave a short introduction to the AVK products range, while Daniel gave a technical demonstration of the S.879 and S.872 control valves. Ricsons technicians were very interested on knowing the operation of the valves, the different types, how to assembly pilot circuits and set the pilots, as well as the differences between automatic control valves and regulation needle valves.

demonstrated the AVK products to engineers from different companies and Interagua, which is Guayaquil water utility, part of Veolia group. More than 60 people attended in these presentations. With training sessions like these, the aim is to make sure that the end-customer always receives the high quality solutions to their needs. Furthermore, it strengthens our ties with Rissons our distributor, who receives valuable feedback from the user allowing us to continue to improve our products and to be increasingly competitive in the international market.

It has been a great experience and Ricsons appreciates our efforts and dedication towards this partnership. A collaboration that we hope will significantly strengthen the AVK brand in Ecuador.