ACMO-AVK NEWS 23.09.2020


AC.MO S.r.l. has acquired 40% of HYDRO-COS S.r.l. which thus becomes part of the AVK group.
HYDRO-COS is an Italian company focused in the construction of joints and repair clamps, items which will be added to the wide range of AVK products

With thirty years of experience, Hydro-Cos. is today one of the leading companies on the Italian market, involved in manufacturing of fittings, special pieces and tailor-made solutions for pipelines.
Thanks to its long history of cooperation with public and private companies involved in manufacturing, managing and maintenance of water pipelines, Hydro-Cos. built up a wide know-how that make it capable to satisfy nearly any customer request.
Production ranges from several different kind of couplings for pipe repair or jointing, to the dismantling joints, from special pieces to tailor made solutions.
For any DN or PN, Hydro-Cos. is capable to offer the best solution to a very competitive price.
Current production is focused on encapsulation repair collars of the “Hydro Stop”, “Hydro Fast” and “Hydro Smart” families: three new and complementary ways to repair pipelines without any water stoppage.
Thanks to an innovative design, a high-quality level, the possibility to fully customize them, and to a notable performance standard, these products are now a point of reference on the market and can be considered as the flagship of the Hydro-Cos.
Production backbone also includes “Super Hydro” fabricated couplings, available as universal or wide range adaptor couplings, as well as flange adaptors, made of carbon or stainless steel.
Other important products are the dismantling and expansion joints, special pieces and tailor-made solutions.
This last area comprises the possibility to design couplings, as well as special pieces, for out-of-standard sizes or complying to particular site/engineering requirements.
Our flexibility is the key of a continuous growth on the market, together with constant improvements on the products and the focusing on customer care satisfaction.