A new irrigation plant with the AC.MO Hydropass System in Serbia

Year: 2024
Location: Prijevor Polje – SERBIA
Application: IRRIGATION

On May 22, 2024, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management, Aleksandar Martinović, inaugurated the new “Čačak-Parmenac” irrigation system in Prijevor Polje, with a total value of 5.7 million euros. During the event, the minister handed out electronic cards (Hydrokey) to users, necessary for the operation of the Hydropass systems.

The old system, built in the 1950s, featured the Čačak-Parmenac irrigation canal, now out of use, which used to irrigate about 600 hectares of land. This system, which provided free water distribution, had become obsolete, with outdated and damaged equipment and structures. The new project will mainly benefit farmers between the “Parmenac” dam and the city of Čačak.

The new irrigation system, featuring AC.MO Hydropass units, is fully digitalized and automated, allowing water distribution on demand, ensuring more sustainable resource management. The Hydropass System installed on field is completely integrated and autonomous. The system self-powered, provides flow control, metering and communication in one solution. The Čačak-Parmenac irrigation canal has been completely reconstructed, extending for 5.5 km. Along the canal, 172 connections have been made, currently irrigating about 400 hectares of fertile land, with an expanding network. Four new pumping stations have been built to transfer water from the main canal to the distribution pipes for consumers. The public company Srbijavode, together with the local self-government, will constantly manage the system. The total distribution network measures 10,885 meters and includes pipes of various diameters, 11 pipelines, and 175 hydrant groups. A canal will be built on the Ljubić quay, along with pedestrian paths and bridges, adding value to this beautiful part of the city and creating a green oasis.

This project, awaited for decades by citizens, is of great importance to the inhabitants of Čačak, especially for those engaged in vegetable growing, fruit farming, and various types of grain cultivation. The system not only serves for the irrigation of agricultural areas along the canal but also plays a significant role in defense against increasingly frequent floods and torrents.

At the inauguration of the “Parmenac” facility, the Mayor of Čačak, Milun Todorović, and the Director of JVP “Srbijavode,” Goran Puzović, were present. Together with the minister, they visited the farm of Isidore Bogdanović, one of the users, and inspected the works at the “Ljubić kej” pumping station and the “Bresnica” water network construction.

See the event video here