Vanne reducteur de pression aval DN600 DN1000

Année: 2017-18
Emplacement: Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Bureau d’étude:
Client final: National Water Company
Application: EAU POTABLE

Makkah faces unique water consumption challenges, with over 2 million pilgrims descending on the Islamic holy site for a six-day period every year. Because of this, 90% of the region’s assets exist solely to support the water supply throughout this holy period. The ensuing network pressure fluctuations make maintenance of a continuous water supply extremely challenging. ACMO valves have been chosen to maintain the quality of water services during peak flows and guaranteeing the customer satisfaction.


Vanne reducteur de pression aval
2 x ACMO HYDROFLUX fig.951 DN600 PN16
2 x ACMO HYDROFLUX fig.951 DN1000 PN16